Vinegar – the Natural Ant Repellent!

I was working in the garden the other day, pulling weeds and grass runners that have sprung up after these lovely Spring rains and warm East Texas days. As I pulled one particularly pesky runner, I noticed it intersected with a large pile of dirt at the corner of the garden. When it finally dislodged, a … Continue reading Vinegar – the Natural Ant Repellent!


Using Chicken Wire as a Trellis

The Yager Homestead had a weekend away. One of our best friends graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, so it was off to Fort Worth to watch her graduate! While we were gone, East Texas experienced a couple of significant downpours, and then some beautiful sunshine to follow (fickle weather as per usual in … Continue reading Using Chicken Wire as a Trellis

Shower Melts – The Perfect Gift!

So a few weeks ago we posted about how to make Lavender Shower Melts. They're super easy to make, and only take a few ingredients that you probably have around your house already. The Yager Homestead is all about saving money. We try to operate on a modest budget whenever possible. So we decided for Mother's … Continue reading Shower Melts – The Perfect Gift!

Cleaning the Microwave with Lemons

If you're like us, your microwave has seen better days. We are big fans of movie nights and popcorn at the Yager Homestead, so our microwave can get pretty gross. T needs everything to be at least 3000°C to be fit to eat, which leads to spaghetti sauce, cheese, and other various liquids to be … Continue reading Cleaning the Microwave with Lemons