Mason Jar Salads

A big part of our homesteading journey has been finding ways to reduce/reuse/recycle. It’s better for the environment, and saves us money in the long run.

One area we have struggled with is taking our lunches. T and B pack lunches every day. While a lunchbox is a great reusable container to carry your whole lunch in, most of the time we rely on plastic bags, foil, cling wrap, and others for our individual pieces (sandwiches, chips, etc). Obviously, these pieces can’t be reused and end up being thrown away.

I’m sure you’re thinking, isn’t it obvious? Use glass or plastic containers like Tupperware!

If you’re like us, we have 10,000 plastic lids, and no containers. We always seem to lose them as fast as we buy them. The biggest issue is they aren’t dishwasher friendly, so it can be hard to wash out the oils from condiments and dressings. Then they warp and have to be thrown away, which is basically throwing money away!

So, we needed to find something sustainable, durable, and dishwasher-safe.

After our journey into pickling, we had a few jars left over.

T and B take salads most days. The tall boy jars seemed PERFECT for our salads.

We just stacked in each of our ingredients, and sealed! The only thing we didn’t add was dressing, but Pinterest has plenty of examples where people add their dressing at the bottom.


This was my first time, so I put it in the wrong order. I had to readjust messily when I poured everything into the bowl.

Add your ingredients in the reverse order that you want them in your salad. For example, if you like your cheese on top, add it to the jar first.

Trying to eat your salad straight out of the jar can be a little awkward, so you may want to bring something you can dump your salad into. B keeps a glass bowl at work for soups, salads, etc, which was perfect for this purpose.

After you’re done, run your jar through the dishwasher and you’re set for the next day! You can even pack these a week in advance and keep them in your fridge. The lids should seal to keep your food fresh!

What sustainable ideas do you have for packing lunches? What do you use for things like chips, sandwiches, and others?



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