Using Chicken Wire as a Trellis

The Yager Homestead had a weekend away. One of our best friends graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, so it was off to Fort Worth to watch her graduate!

While we were gone, East Texas experienced a couple of significant downpours, and then some beautiful sunshine to follow (fickle weather as per usual in Texas). 

Image result for weather meme texas


Our cucumbers have been a little slow to grow. Guru Penny says we planted them a little early, and to be patient.

Patience is a virtue…that I lack.

But we got home this weekend, and saw some tiny vines reaching for the sky!


Cucumbers produce many vines and runners, and the plants will spread out pretty far if you don’t contain them. So, we decided to give the cukes something to climb on!

Store-bought trellises can be pretty expensive. Even basic garden trellises on Amazon can run you upwards of $20, depending on the style and material (Iron Trellis – $21.99; White Trellis – $43.77).

The Yager Homestead is all about saving those dolla’ dolla’ bills y’all. So, while our cucumber plants are still small, we decided to use leftover materials we had around the house.

A few weeks ago, we finished up our chicken coop for the Sassy Ladies. We had a whole role of chicken wire donated to us, and we still have quite a bit leftover. We decided this would be the perfect material for some small trellises.

Since the chicken wire came in a roll, it was really easy to cut these into half-crescents to surround the plants. About a foot of wire did the trick. The wire is four feet tall, which is a little big for our small plants at the moment. So, we cut each section in half length-wise. We then pushed the chicken wire a few inches down into the soil and encircled about half of each plant.

Voila, DIY trellises for a fraction of the cost!




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