Garden Apron

I have to brag on Guru Penny again.

I’ve been whining a little (okay, a lot) about maintaining my garden. When I go out to work in the garden, I have several things I need to carry out there (scissors, a bowl to collect, seeds for new plants, etc.). My garden is in the corner of our yard, so I try to multitask when I need to go out there. I’ll usually refill the chicken feed or water, or feed the other animals as well. This usually leads to me dropping things, tripping over Dean the Menace, cursing, and needing a break before I even started.

Because of my excessive whining, Penny decided to solve my problem with a Garden Apron.


It’s got a pocket for my scissors, another pocket for seeds, a large pocket for gathering produce. It ties around the waist as well. She also made a smaller one for E, so she can help too!

Bonus point – they’re made out of a super cute canvas material that E can decorate! I’ll post an update with the finished masterpiece!

Order your garden apron at Penny’s website



3 thoughts on “Garden Apron

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