Shower Melts – The Perfect Gift!

So a few weeks ago we posted about how to make Lavender Shower Melts. They’re super easy to make, and only take a few ingredients that you probably have around your house already.

The Yager Homestead is all about saving money. We try to operate on a modest budget whenever possible. So we decided for Mother’s Day, instead of buying an expensive, impersonal gift, we would gift our mothers with these personal, homemade bath goodies.

For each mom, we made a batch of three different melts: the green melts were Eucalyptus Melts for sinuses; the pink melts were Peppermint Melts for headaches; and the purple melts were, you guessed it, Lavender Melts for stress relief.


They were a hit! We packed them simply, wrapped in parchment paper and enclosed in a ziploc container to keep them fresh. Our mothers were so impressed that we had taken the time to make these thoughtful gifts for them. So if you’re looking for a late Mother’s Day gift, or just an inexpensive gift for anyone, keep these simple, quick shower melts in mind!




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