Garden Update

Not much has been happening in the way of the garden at the Yager Homestead – mostly slow, steady growth.

We do have two quick updates on the garden.

First, our cucumber plants are slowly reaching for the sky. We spied a few tendrils getting ready to unwind, so we decided to give them something to climb on. After finishing the chicken run, we had several scraps of chicken wire left over. We bent these into half moons and curled them around the cucumber plants. Eventually, once cucumbers begin growing, they will need to be reinforced so they don’t fall over, but this works beautifully for now.


Next, we noticed our potato plants were getting pretty large above ground. We had gently dug around a few times with no luck. This time, we decided to dig a little more thoroughly to see what we could find. Lo and behold, a potato!

It’s a tiny potato (key for scale), but a potato nonetheless! These are the first fruits (or veggies) of our labors that we are seeing. We decided not to dig up anymore so they could have a little time to get bigger, but it’s nice to know that something is there!



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