DIY Pallet Bar

Most of our homesteading projects are geared toward growing our own food or providing for our chickens.

In a previous post about building our chicken coop, I mentioned that we had a friend donate several pallets to us (thank ya, Lort). After building the coop and the chicken run, we had a few pallets left over. Around this time, we also decided our back patio needed some sprucing up.

This is where our newest project came into play – a DIY pallet bar!


  • 3 pallets
  • Two 4’x16″ pine boards
  • Two shelf brackets
  • 2×4 board (one)
  • Wood screws

So the first thing we did was construct the frame.


Fancy, right?

We knew the bar was going to back up to our house, so we needed three sides. You may want to have someone help you stand up the pallets so they don’t keep falling over. B realized this after about half an hour of frustration and expletives.

For our purposes, we wanted one side of the bar to be shorter than the other so we had a place to walk in. It’s always been a dream of B’s to be a master mixologist. To do this, we cut one of the pallets a third of the way down.

One pallet is shorter than the other so we can enter the bar.

We then needed to attach the pallets to each other. To do this, we hammered a piece of the 2×4 cut to length into the end of each side pallet, and screwed it in through the sides. We then attached the side pallets to the front pallet by inserting screwed through the back of the 2×4 into the front pallet. We did this for both sides.


You can see here where we added the 2×4 to the end of the pallet, so as to attach it to another.

Since we used 2″ wood screwed, and pallets don’t have end boards, you could see our screws sticking out if you looked down the middle of the front pallet. This definitely didn’t look safe. To fix this, we took two boards off the back of the front pallet, and attached them to each end.

At this point, the bar was pretty sturdy. All we needed was to attach the bar tops.

First, we took the 4’x16″ pine boards and spray painted them. We used a bright blue because we wanted a pop of color. The bright blue is B’s signature color, as you can probably tell from our chicken coop. 


B loves this bright blue.

Dean the Menace was super interested in the paint, so I had to play defense for about 15 minutes to keep him from adding paw prints to the bar tops.

While they dried, we also stained the pallets with a weathered gray color to give them a more uniform, distressed color. As if used pallets aren’t distressed enough. 


After the pallets and the bar tops dried, we attached the tops to the frame. To do this, we first put screws directly through the tops into the pallets. Then we added shelving brackets to the bottom of each bar top for added stability, just in case anyone got a little too turnt.



There you have it – a quick, easy DIY pallet bar! With some decor, this is a fabulous addition to any patio!



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