Lavender Shower Melts

Another part of homesteading that interests us is making our own personal products. We usually spend big bucks around the holidays at places like Bath & Body Works or Lush. While we haven't been brave enough to try soap yet (burning my face off with lye doesn't sound pleasant), we did experiment with making lavender shower … Continue reading Lavender Shower Melts


Waiting…on the Garden

So you've grown your seedlings, transplanted them to the garden, and now what? You wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. The Yager Homestead is in this stage with our garden right now. And let me tell you, it's the least fun. But it's a necessity, so we do what we have to do. So we have had … Continue reading Waiting…on the Garden

Hand-Sewn Egg Apron

Y'all, just look at this precious egg apron! It was hand-sewn by my gardening guru and quilting aficionado, Penny. It ties around the waist conveniently, and has 12 pockets to hold a full dozen of eggs! This is a super helpful accessory for your daily collecting, because you don't have to worry about juggling or potentially … Continue reading Hand-Sewn Egg Apron

Building the Chicken Coop

So Rose & Blanche are rapidly outgrowing their digs (see The Sassy Ladies). They need a permanent place to live. Most people agree that free-ranging is the best option to raise chickens. However, in our modest half acre lot, that's not really an option. The chickens would be at risk for predation, since all that … Continue reading Building the Chicken Coop

The Sassy Ladies – Rose & Blanche

Growing vegetables was a great start to homesteading. But while we are waiting for them to produce, we got to thinking about other ways we could save money. We don't have enough space right now for large livestock, but then we thought, CHICKENS! We eat eggs like nobody's business, so this could be a real money-saver … Continue reading The Sassy Ladies – Rose & Blanche

Transplanting the Seedlings

Transplanting seeds can be tricky. You have to make sure the seedlings are ready or you run the risk of shock, or worse, losing your hard-earned seedlings. I'm no pro, so I get all of my gardening tips and tricks from my friend, Penny. She's a seasoned farmer, and is a jackpot of gardening information … Continue reading Transplanting the Seedlings

The Garden – Part Two

There are hundreds of different ways to start a garden. A simple Google or Pinterest search will show options upon options. It takes a little research to figure out what is best for you. After (what seemed like) a million hours of reading countless blog posts, we settled on a raised garden. The area that … Continue reading The Garden – Part Two