RIP Potato Plants

We finally said goodbye to our potato plants yesterday. They had a good run, but it was their time to go. Rest in peace, little guys. Any suggestions for what we can plant in their place? I'm thinking maybe peppers, peas, or pumpkins! -TBE

Homemade Pickles – Two Ways!

If you saw our last post, you've seen how many cucumbers The Yager Homestead is producing, and how huge they are! We are making them faster than we can eat them. Although our neighbors appreciate the random bags of cukes on their doorstep, we've got to find a better way to process these. Guru Penny, … Continue reading Homemade Pickles – Two Ways!

Using Ash in the Chicken Coop

If you raise chickens, you know that they have their own, unique way of bathing that doesn't involve water. We've all heard the phrase, "mad as an old wet hen". Surely there's something to that. So, the chickens have their own technique called a dust bath.┬áBasically, the chicken sits in the dust, flaps its wings, … Continue reading Using Ash in the Chicken Coop